SO yeah… This is a little late… but WE DID IT!

Life is good.  I could not be any happier.  To spend each and every day with the person who makes meWEP_0461 laugh… makes me just a little bit crazy and who has become my best friend.  I really can’t say much more than that.   She was the most beautiful woman in the world to me that night.. and will always be.   There are more pictures but you will have to wait..

I want to thank her daughter for all her help. She made a lot of things easier and took a lot of stress off of us and we are very thankful.   Yeah, she puts up this tough exterior but she is just a gummy bear inside.  I am glad she is in my life.

I also want to thank all of our friends and family.  Those who traveled from far across the country and those who just drove into the city. You made our night even more special. Thank you for sharing this with us, thank you for supporting us and most of all thank you for being special to us.


I will stop here.   More later..  I think I should keep this more up to date.